Instructor Spotlight- Jennifer

Instructor Spotlight- Jennifer

1.How did you get into fitness specifically the formats you teach at Lifemoves like, yoga, Pilates, barre, dance etc.? When I decided to step away from intensive ballet training and performance and focus more on teaching and choreography, I discovered a workout program developed by the New York City Ballet. That workout method sparked my interest in how ballet could cross over to fitness and reach a wide range of people, especially those who may have never stepped foot into a ballet studio. I later started taking barre and Pilates classes and loved how I could work many of the same muscles I did in ballet. After I moved up to Buford and discovered Lifemoves I couldn’t get enough of the classes! When Lifemoves decided to offer a barre certification program I jumped at the chance and the rest is history.

2.What do you do for fun? (outside of exercise, etc.) Outside of the studio, I enjoy taking long bike rides with my husband. I also enjoy cooking, traveling, and watching Hallmark movies.

3.Where is your favorite place? Why? My favorite place is on the island of Kauai in Hawaii because it makes me feel like I’m in paradise…truly a piece of heaven on earth!

4.What are some of the most embarrassing things that have happened to you while teaching? There have been a few but I’m too embarrassed to share them!

5.What is your favorite healthy food and/or drink? One of my favorite heathy snacks is Greek yogurt with fresh berries, dried apricots, and honey. I also really enjoy drinking various flavors of hot tea.

6.What is your favorite treat food and/or drink? Anything chocolate!

7.How do you stay motivated? One of the ways I stay motivated is to spend time with close friends and family. They always seem to find just the right words of encouragement, help bring me closer to God, and remind me about the important things in life. 

8.Do you have any life hacks that you want to share (specifically things that help you stay on track and make life easy)? Since mornings can be hectic with not a lot of time to make a healthy breakfast, I like to make homemade bread and muffins on the weekends or on one evening during the week and freeze them. I put them in individual freezer bags so I can easily pull them out of the freezer, heat them up, and run out the door!

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