Instructor Spotlight- Carla

Instructor Spotlight- Carla

1. I started teaching group fitness classes back in 1999. Then in 2001 I became a certified Personal Trainer. I learned about Pilates surprisingly in a Kickboxing class! The instructor (a friend) has taken a weekend workshop and learned some Pilates exercises. She had us do them, and I couldn’t “roll like a ball”! So I was curious and that eventually led me to becoming a Pilates instructor.

2. I love to garden. Gardening uses muscles and movement that almost nothing else reaches. Especially swinging an axe to chop out roots!Also I love hiking. It is Andrew’s and my plan to explore every State Park in Georgia. So far we have visited 10, so we have a ways to go.

3. My favorite place (so far) is Yosemite. The sheer grandeur of the mountains and rock formations was astounding.

4. The most embarrassing teaching moment was when one of my clients let go of the foot strap after “the tree” and slid down into the well.

5. My favorite healthy food is any kind of greens (except mustard greens) I try to eat some every day.

6. My favorite treat food is popcorn.

7. I stay motivated in knowing that I am doing more than just teaching Pilates. God says we are his witnesses. 

8. Life Hack: be a list maker if you want to be really productive. It keeps me on track each day.

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