How to register for your first class?

We use a scheduling program that is linked to our www.lifemovesstudio.com web-page or download the MINDBODY CONNECT APP and find “Lifemoves Studio,” create an account and book your classes!

Via web-page… You will be able to view the class schedule by clicking on the link “book a class” located on any page; however, the equipment classes labeled “SG” you will not be able to register for a class until you have pre-paid for the classes due to limited space and met prerequisite requirements. For the large group classes labeled, “LG” you will then be able to create an account through our online scheduling program or the MINDBODY CONNECT APP on your smart phone (studio is listed as “Lifemoves Pilates and Nutrition”) and schedule classes at your convenience and simply show up to the studio. Your first large group class is FREE, large group includes ALL Yoga, Barre, Mat/Ball/Sculpt Pilates, TRX, Dance, Cardio and Circuit classes.

I have never been on Pilates equipment; can I just come to any equipment class?

We do recommend that clients who have never been on a reformer or who may have complicated injuries complete a  Intro to Pilates Package first this is also required for novice students that will teach you how to use the equipment and the main principles of Pilates. After you complete your Intro pack you will feel more confident with the flow of the exercises, learn how to adjust the equipment and how to properly align and engage your core and powerhouse muscles so you will get the most out of your workout!

What is your cancellation policy?

We require a 6-hour cancellation notice to avoid being charged for equipment classes or private session you’ve pre-registered for, this can be done on the Mindbody Connect app, through text, or by calling the studio. If there is an emergency situation, please call us directly if you are not able to attend class. We are a small business and do not have to adhere to rigid corporate standards, we appreciate communication and understand if your children are sick, or you have an emergency.

What should I wear or bring to class?

Wear comfortable but snug fit clothing free of buttons, snaps and zippers, keep in mind your legs will be in the air, loose shorts may actually be uncomfortable. If you prefer to wear socks rather than bare feet, please make sure you have grips on the bottom of your socks. For TRX, shoes are recommended, a minimal sole shoe is best, but any sneaker will work. For yoga, you can bring your own mat; however, mats are provided at the studio if you do not have one. You may also want to bring a towel and a water bottle. We also have a changing accommodations for your convenience.

How many times should I train a week?

At Lifemoves Studio, we recommend training 3 -6 times a week. We offer a variety of disciplines that all complement one another so that each client attains their desired goals without over stressing the body and hindering results like some aggressive fitness programs on the market will do. We help clients design a routine that best suits their goals, ability and schedule. If you mix up all of the formats we offer you will get great results and avoid boredom!

Is Pilates mainly for women?

Not at all…Pilates, after all, was invented by a man, Joseph Pilates, originally for his own benefit – and was only later adapted for women. And since men are typically less flexible than women, they can really benefit from adding Pilates to their work out routine.  It is common to see professional male athletes incorporate Pilates into their strength and conditioning program.

What are the differences Between Pilates and Weight Training? Pilates strengthens and elongates muscles from the inside out, whereas weight training strengthens from the outside in.  Pilates improves body posture, focus and awareness. Pilates typically incorporates more muscles in one exercise than in weight training because it is three-dimensional—exercises can be performed using all movement planes. Pilates’ emphasis is on rebalancing muscles around the joints and balancing strength with flexibility. It also focuses on concentric-eccentric contraction for injury prevention and corrects over-training and muscle imbalance that leads to injury.

Do I need to be fit to start Pilates, Yoga, Barre or TRX?

Lifemoves Studio offers formats for people at any fitness level and our instructors can tailor to any individual by modifying any movement. Our goal is to help you achieve results while maintaining optimal health!

How does Nutrition/Health Coaching work?

There are several different programs to help you achieve optimal health through health coaching,  nutrition and supplementation.  Each client is assessed and measured in an initial consultation and program and supplement recommendations are made after current health status is assessed. Kristin Heck, Certified Health Coach and Dana Yarn, Registered Dietitian team up in both group and one on one coaching offering behavior modifications, accountability, meal planning strategies, metabolic assessments, and lifestyle recommendations.  We strongly suggest that you bring your latest labs from your doctor if possible to your initial session.

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