Fusion Classes

We offer several fusion classes that include Pilates, Yoga, Barre, and functional strength training classes including:

Studio Barre – This is a traditional studio barre class, intense fitness moves that incorporate the principles of Pilates, physical therapy and dance.  In one Barre class you will achieve a full-body workout concentrating on the typical “problem areas” including the hips, thighs, glutes, abdominals and arms. By combining Pilates, Ballet (Trust us no ballet experience needed), strength, and yoga, our studio barre class allows participants to achieve results in a low-impact intense class that protects your joints. Barre creates long, lean muscles without bulk by building strength, flexibility and a strong core. We tackle every muscle in the body with the help of props such as light weights, bands, stability balls, gliders and our own body weight.  The high repetitions keep heart rate in optimal zones while sculpting the body completely.

TRX Suspend Blend- This is 100% on the body weight TRX suspension trainer, a blend of:

  • Traditional TRX suspension strength/cardio training exercises including squats, push-ups, rows, lunges, etc.
  • TRX barre exercises (high reps)
  • TRX Pilates/core/stretch/yoga exercises on the mat

Barre/Mat Pilates- 30 minutes of our studio barre class followed by all of the best mat Pilates exercises.

 Pilates Circuit- a combination of traditional Pilates, barre and functional training exercises in addition to circuit training exercises using props like bands, gliders, kettle bells, battle ropes, TRX, rower, reformer, and bikes.  Get ready to get into your optimal fat burning heart rate zones, with a high calorie burn while building lean muscles and strengthening your core.