Instructor Spotlight- Bethany

Instructor Spotlight- Bethany

1.  How did you get into fitness specifically the formats you teach at Lifemoves like, yoga, Pilates, barre, dance etc.?

I was trying to lose weight after my first baby doing HIIT classes at a gym. My mother dragged me to a yoga class and something clicked. I fell in love with watching myself change not just physically but mentally. I was challenging my body and doing things I never thought I could. 

2. What do you do for fun? (Outside of exercise, etc.)

Hiking with my family, hanging with my mom tribe and our 27 kids ha-ha 

3. Where is your favorite place? Why?

The yoga studio ha-ha. but really take me to the beach or a yoga studio and I’m a happy girl, both are so good for my soul

4. What are some of the most embarrassing things that have happened to you while teaching? 

Forgetting where I’m at in my sequence or forgetting to silence my phone – big instructor no-no

5.  What are your favorite healthy food and/or drink?

I love a good fresh green juice. Cauliflower fried rice is my go to lunch at the moment, its so easy and you can throw whatever veggies you have around in it.

6. What are your favorite treat food and/or drink?

My favorite treat is a matcha latte, dark chocolate, or a glass of wine 

7. How do you stay motivated? 

Finding an exercise you love is what helps me stay motivated. Whether its yoga, dancing, running, if you love doing it that’s what will keep you motivated. Variety in my workouts also helps. I enjoy the challenge of something new. 

8. Do you have any life hacks that you want to share (specifically things that help you stay on track and make life easy)?

I like to keep prepped veggies and fruit ready to eat in the fridge so if the kids or I are looking for a snack its ready to go. Meal planning/prepping saves me so much time and also ensures we do not have to eat out. The more you can eat at home the better! 

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