Awesome new Yoga bands from Aurorae!

Awesome new Yoga bands from Aurorae!

I recently was sent a set of multi level resistance bands from Aurorae Yoga Products to use and review.  I am beyond happy with this band set and excited to try all of the products form Aurorae.

This band set is perfect for anyone who wants to workout on the go, at home, while traveling, outside and of course for those who want avoid spending pointless money on several different bands. I use it at our studio to train clients and I recommend it for those clients who have to travel regularly.  The set is light, compact and easy to use in a small space like a hotel room.

The band set was so easy to use and adjust with climbing clips on each band, and there are 5 different levels of resistance. The band handles and ankle straps are made with high end durable material and very comfortable to use.  I use the thin more light weight bands for long lever exercises like front and side shoulder raises. bent over flies and the heavy bands for rows, bicep curls and other short lever exercises.

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