Another amazing transformation at LIFEMOVES!

Another amazing transformation at LIFEMOVES!

Lifemoves Studio is not all about weight loss, we primarily focus on healthy lifestyle.  Counting calories, restricting foods (or wine), feeling deprived, and not living life to the fullest is just not our jam.  We promote a positive culture of people who simply want to be their best selves, feel empowered through fitness and they also may want to lean out, get rid of pesky aches and pains, become stronger and yes, lose weight. 

Since we promote gradual lifestyle changes and not extreme weight loss practices, when people transform their bodies we almost miss it.  That may sound strange but since we promote a judge free environment of members who support and do not compete with each other those transformations are actually a side benefit to the healthy lifestyle habits and behaviors that our awesome members have created.    

Another member mentioned Christy and said, “You really need to feature her transformation.”  Christy was a perfect transformation story, we love her!    She blew me off a few times when I asked her if she would do it, because she feels super awkward about sharing this publicly and primary focus is juggling her family’s activities and seriously this girl has no pictures of her self.   Finally I bribed her with a private session on the Pilates Cadillac and she agreed to share her story (sucker), and she loves us too.  

Christy’s Story…

Tell us about your background and how did you find LIFEMOVES Studio? I am a stay at home mom and love every second of it. We are a blended family so our kids range from 20 to 4. In my former life, I stayed at home with my son until he went to school. At that point, I became a certified personal trainer and worked as a group fitness coordinator, taught MANY incredibly high impact classes plus group cycle, and trained private clients. After my divorce, I worked from home so I could be home with my son. I continued to workout, but I was no longer training people.

My husband and I have been married for 6 years. We have a precious 4 year old son who keeps us laughing and running from sun up to sun down. He is the glue that truly brought us all together and we have to keep up with him which means staying fit. My body took a beating when I was teaching and training. I cannot do the things I used to do and, honestly, have no desire to do so. I am in a different place. I love being sore after a workout, but I just don’t feel the need to beat myself up anymore. Enter Lifemoves Studio.
I had continued going to a large gym with my dear friend. There was never going to be a time that I was not exercising, but I had completely lost my drive. Truthfully, the only reason I was going was to spend time with her. Thank goodness for friends! We were also going through some rough times in our family. I used to dance and as a gift to me, my husband went to Lifemoves and signed me up so I could take Barre and Pilates. It was the best thing he could have given to me. Lifemoves was the gift of health, both mental and physical, but also friendship, growth, and change.
I suffer from PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome). I was really feeling the effects of the disease last year. I felt sluggish, where I have always been known for my energy, and it led me to have no desire to get to the gym. I joined Lifemoves in January or February of 2018. I suddenly had the drive to get to the studio daily again. It was fun. It was different. It was…..personal. I was greeted by name when I came through the door and I left feeling joyous.
My doctor helped me get my PCOS under control with medication and I was suddenly able to see my Lifemoves body around March. Holy transformation, Batman! I am not small by any stretch of the imagination. I am close to 5’10” with a large frame. I have an athletic build which tends to bulk up easily when lifting heavy weights. I am back to my personal trainer days weight. I have not seen that number in 8 years. However, my body is totally different. Because of the types of classes, I am lean and my muscles are long. I am so proud of the lines on my legs and my arms. I am actually smaller than I was as a trainer. My shorts and pants are not tight on my thighs and I have not experience that since I was a teenager in ballet class. My children and husband tell me weekly how great I look and it makes me incredibly proud. My husband says my back looks like a sculpture when we go kayaking. How cool is that?! I am 41 years old and rocking it.
What is a typical week of workouts for you?   I enjoy both the Small Group classes and Large Group classes. It is not my nature to stick with the same thing all the time. I love to mix it up and take every class the studio offers. Due to our family schedule, I attend primarily morning classes. Monday night Yoga is the exception. That is Momma’s night. TRX is fantastic at building strength and sculpting without bulking. Barre is fun to attend with such a large group and that is what helps me make it to the end. The workouts on the reformer are the ones that blow my mind. There is no way I could do another full class before or after a reformer session. The body has always amazed me; it is such a beautiful piece of machinery. Pilates gets in touch with every muscle and teaches you to control each of those muscles. The results are fantastic, but the journey is what I love the most. That one hour on the reformer is my chance to completely check out of anything going on in my life because I am so focused. Yoga has offered me the same life reprieve, but for a completely different reason. There are moments of pure silence in Yoga. I have had to train myself to “checkout” and that is a skill I wish I could pass around like glitter. I leave with a new perspective on whatever may be going on in my life because I took that time to step back, shut down, and just focus on my body and my breathing only…just one hour at Lifemoves 3-5x a week has been the best “therapy”, “medicine”, and exercise routine I could ask for.
Did you make any changes to your nutrition?  I eat well. When you are spending that time and energy on your body, you are driven to take care of it. The studio offers a support system because the members talk to one another. They encourage one another. There is a sense of accountability.
I hear people say all the time that “life is too short”. I have to disagree. The days can be long and the struggle is real, y’all. Life is too long to “make do” and to be miserable. You owe it to yourself and to your family to be the best you you can be, no matter how long or short life is.

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