Pilates & Barre Instructor


Whitney has had a lifelong desire for helping people look and feel their best. Literally. At the ripe old age of 7, Whitney’s first client was her grandmother when she applied her makeup and developed a workout routine specially designed for her. That passion for both internal and external beauty and vitality has intensified throughout her life. Whitney spent 9 years in the medical field which led to her interest in preventive health through exercise, diet, and emotional well-being. This experience solidified in her mind the importance of disease prevention through the welfare of the mind and body.


Pilates is the perfect exercise to benefit from the mind-body connection. Whitney received her Comprehensive Teacher Training Certificate from Classical Pilates Education. Dedicated to helping clients reach their personal health and fitness goals, she customizes each workout to fit her clients' needs and skill level.

Clients have a blast in Whitney's Belly Dancing class! She received extensive training while dancing professionally for several studios in Atlanta. Belly Dancing is a fun and funky way to sweat, tone, and shred those pounds.

Although all of her classes are challenging, she encourages her clients to enjoy the many benefits exercise provides.


Whitney has a B.S. Degree in Exercise Science, the goal of which is to facilitate an understanding of the links between fitness, exercise, diet, and health. This degree has given her a keen understanding of anatomy and the physiological effects of exercise.


Besides being an esthetician (skin care specialist) and makeup artist, Whitney is an adventure seeker, nature lover, and world traveler who never grows tired of learning new things, improving her skills, and helping others become the best they can be.