Heather Phillips

Yoga Instructor

200HR RYT & Fitness Professional

In 2002 Heather took her first yoga class. She felt it was slow and a waste of time, but she was chronically sore and injured and had heard yoga was good for your body, so she tried another class. She took a different style of yoga from a different teacher and ended up sneaking out halfway through that class.

In 2007 Heather became a fitness instructor and started teaching a variety of fitness classes. In 2011 Heather was asked to teach a yoga class, but was reluctant because she didn’t like yoga based on her experience and she couldn’t reach her toes. Heather had always been an active child competing in various sports, but had compounding injuries since childhood that she had been pushing off for years. In 2008 she had a major mountain bike crash during an Xterra triathlon which wrecked havoc all over her body.

She continued to teach her fitness classes, but was tired of being in pain and her quality of life was getting worse. She decided to give up teaching the majority of her fitness classes when, unexpectedly she was asked to teach yoga. Heather told the class she wasn’t the right person for the job, but the students persisted. She decided to try yoga one more time with a Yogafit instructor. The yoga class was more of an athletic style that fit Heathers personality. At the end of class, as she relaxed in a Shavasana pose, she became acutely aware of her body as it was screaming at her. It was the first time she REALLY LISTENED to the internal communication going on and it was an eye opener. Heather realized yoga might just be the medicine her body needed.

Heather received her general yoga certification in 2011 and started teaching classes immediately. She obtained her 200HR RYT through Yogafit in 2015. Heather looks back now and laughs at the old, younger Heather who snuck out of class. Heather shares; “Looking back, those eight minutes in Shavasana were a pivotal changing point in my life. My body and mind are happy and healthy and I can touch my toes!”

Education & Experience 

Heather graduated from Georgia State with a Bachelor of Arts in Communication (Interpersonal, Nonverbal, Organizational, and Cultural Communication). After college she worked in Human Resources, staffing and consulting. When her son was born she became a stay-at-home mom. Heather started working part-time as a swim instructor, which turned into a Water Aerobics instructor, which continued on to other group fitness classes. Heather has taught everything from The Arthritis Foundation Water Aerobics Program, to Bootcamp, to spin. She incorporates yoga into all of her classes whether it be breath work, balance, yoga poses, or neurological transformation.