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LIFEMOVES Transformation of 2017

Meet Lauren…Her story starts out like many, she is a wife and new mom trying to take off the baby weight and find her “new” self after having 2 beautiful boys 18 months a part then deciding to quit her demanding career to focus on her family.
She started out at Lifemoves Studio with a Pilates Intro Pack and then she opted for our monthly Unlimited Everything class membership. She came to a variety of our large and small group classes intending to mix it up and keep her workouts fresh. The classes included Mat Pilates, Pilates Equipment, Barre, HIIT, TRX, etc. Her body started to change and she noticed lost inches at first and the pounds came off. Like most of us Lauren wanted the scale and her dress size to drop faster.
Nutrition Coaching & Hybrid Workouts
Phase 2 …We then dove into her nutrition and developed a customized plan around her schedule, and family demands. Lauren admits that she did not read the plan for weeks (maybe months) after she received it. Side Note * change will only happen when you are ready both mentally and physically, easing your way into a lifestyle change is a GREAT idea and will yield long term results. We laugh about her being a bad client back then.
Phase 3… Over the summer she ramped up her intensity by doing one on one sessions consisting of hybrid workouts including the Pilates equipment, barre, yoga, TRX, kettle bells, HIIT, battle ropes, rowing, cycling, etc. She did this because she had no childcare over the summer to attend the classes so we booked her sessions during a time when her little ones could come with her to the studio. Another Side Note* It is important to tell you Lauren is very busy and she gets in 5 hours or less of workouts per week, she is not a cardio junkie (she actually hates it). Her transformation is attainable for everyone.
At this time she finally started the nutrition plan. Our Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist incorporates the concepts of intermittent fasting, and Ketogenic diet into most of her programs.
Lauren also became active in our private Facebook nutrition accountability group “Eat for Results” by LIFEMOVES STUDIO . We have found “Keto and fasting” nutrition strategies provide flexibility to our busy clients while still providing long term results. There minimal planning, unlike the other labor intensive nutrition plans/diets that require a lot of prep. These science based concepts are not fads they are a lifestyle for REAL people like Lauren.
In Conclusion…
Lauren is only a couple of pounds away from her ultimate weight goal, which the number was honestly a shot in the dark, we had no idea what her ideal weight would be with her new workouts, etc. She is celebrating her accomplishments and dedication to her health.
She not only looks amazing, she feels beautiful on the inside, like her old self. She has gained confidence, and can fit into her old pre baby clothes (some are even too big). This wife and mother has learned to prioritize her health and well-being right up there with her family’s needs, even when it is not so easy to do that.